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Privacy policy

Use of your personal details on this website

Buzz Loans is a trading style of ASB Marketing Ltd (company registration number: 08477140), registered address: 49 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2AP, UK. ASB Marketing Ltd takes the privacy and security of your personal details very seriously. This document sets out our Privacy Policy and should be considered as part of our Terms & Conditions (‘Website Terms’).

You accept and consent to our Privacy Policy practices when you access or use www.buzzloans.co.uk (‘the Website’) and when you accept our Website Terms.

The Website is delivered to you by ASB Marketing Ltd. ASB Marketing Ltd understands the importance of protecting your Personal Data (defined in the Data Protection Act 1998). We strive to provide to you, a customised service that most appropriately meets your needs whilst carefully securing your information. This document outlines the ways in which we collate your Personal Data, whilst stating practices that we will and will not perform, including the security measures that we carry out to protect your information. It is important that you read and understand this Privacy Policy in combination with our Website Terms.

You will be given the opportunity to opt out of marketing materials when we initially take Personal Data from you. You will also be offered this opportunity again when you request a new product or service. To opt out you will be required to select a tick box upon application or the signing of your contract. You should contact us regarding receipt of marketing information if at any point you change your mind.

The Personal Data we store for you may be deemed as ‘sensitive personal data’, defined in the Data Protection Act 1998. For instance, information regarding your ethnic origin or the like.


The Personal Data we collect about you may come from a variety of sources, including without limitation:

  • 1.1. Information collected from you when you successfully request a product or service from us or our lenders. This information may be contact details, financial information including bank details, personal details such as date of birth and employment details.
  • 1.2. Information collected from you whenever you communicate with us. This may be in the form of an enquiry or response to us. This information will provide insight into how you utilise our services.
  • 1.3. Information collected from documents in the public domain, i.e. the electoral register.


  • 2.1. The Personal Data that we collect is integral to our business. We are committed to only ever using Personal Data for the purposes outlined below. Personal Data is kept no longer than necessary to carry out the below purposes:
    • 2.1.1. To allow us to identify you upon contact.
    • 2.1.2. To allow us to identify services, accounts and products that you hold with us or our selected partners. This will be done automatically through the use of a scoring system which utilises Personal Data you and/or third party agencies have provided about you, including credit reference agencies.
    • 2.1.3. To allow us to manage and communicate with you regarding improvements to the administration of accounts, products and services that we have provided to you in the past, currently or in the future.
    • 2.1.4. To allow us to perform analysis for the purposes of marketing, to carry out the profiling of customers (including with transactional information), and to carry out research, including producing statistical information.
    • 2.1.5. To allow us to identify and avoid fraud and/or losses.
    • 2.1.6. To allow us to communicate with you in whichever way necessary (telephone, SMS, MMS email, post or visits) regarding services and products we and our selected partners offer, unless you have opted out of these communications.
    • 2.1.7. To allow us to record and observe communications between us (including telephone conversations and emails) for the purposes of assuring quality and compliance.
    • 2.1.8. To allow us or our lenders to confirm your personal information with agencies involved in the prevention of fraud. Providing information that is false or inaccurate may lead to us suspecting you of fraud, which will be recorded.
  • 2.2. Your Personal Data will not be disclosed to any third party unless in agreement with our Privacy Policy.
  • 2.3. Your Personal Data may be disclosed to other parties and organisations if:
    • 2.3.1. We, or all of our assets, are in the possession of a third party or are in the course of being attained by a third party. In this case, Personal Data stored with us regarding customers will count as a transferred asset.
    • 2.3.2. We are legitimately required to disclose data for the regulatory or legal reasons or for the purposes of on-going or future legal proceedings.
    • 2.3.3. We require companies or individuals to carry out purposes on our behalf. We may provide third parties with your information for the reasons outlined in clause 2.1. We may otherwise provide third parties with Personal Data for the purposes of deliveries, sending mail and email, carrying out orders, discarding duplicated information from customer lists, data analysis, assisting in marketing, analysing and providing results from search and links, including paid, payment processing (credit and debit cards) and delivery of customer service. Parties have access to Personal Data that is necessary to carry out functions and comply with strict contractual provisions set by us. Parties are strictly required to process Personal Data in compliance with this Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Act 1998. Occasionally parties to whom we disclose Personal Data to may exist outside the European Economic Area. All necessary steps will be taken to ensure that Personal Data is secure and protected in agreement with the Data Protection Act 1998 and this Privacy Policy.
  • 2.4. Where you provide us with personal information on somebody else’s behalf, you guarantee that they have been made aware of and provided with this Privacy Policy. You confirm that they do not object to the use of their information outlined in this Privacy Policy.
  • 2.5. Any transaction we enter into with you is subject to the following:
    • 2.5.1. We, our lenders, and potential third parties, may conduct credit and fraud prevention checks with credit reference and fraud agencies. We, and they, reserve the right to store a record of such searches. Data stored about you by agencies may be related to the records of family members residing at the same address that you are financially linked to. Related records will also be considered in credit checks and checks relating to the prevention of fraud. Details from your application and your payment details will be stored with these agencies and is subject to being disclosed to other organisations to make credit decisions about you and those whom you are financially linked to. This information may also be utilised in the resolution of debt and the prevention of fraud. This will include members who have relocated and have missed payments.
    • 2.5.2. Providing false or information that is not accurate may result in us suspecting fraud. This will be recorded and may be disclosed to organisations and other parties. Technology may be used to detect and prevent fraud by us and other credit/insurance organisations.


  • 3.1. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to ensure your information is protected during transmission. The technology encrypts any data you provide.
  • 3.2. When confirming an order, you will be presented with only the last five digits of your debit and credit card numbers. The complete card number will be directed to the card company when your order is being processed.
  • 3.3. We employ electronic safeguards, physical safeguards and procedural safeguards in relation to the collection, disclosure and storage of your Personal Data. On occasion, we may request that you provide proof of your identity before we disclose any personal details to you. This is in accordance with our strict security policy.
  • 3.4. It is your responsibility to protect your username and password from unauthorised usage. You should ensure that you have signed out of your account before you finish on a shared computer.


  • 4.1. We may email you regarding our products and/or services if you communicate using the internet. You will be provided the opportunity to opt out of these emails when you initially disclose your personal information to us. If you change your mind about how we communicate with you, please see Marketing Opt-out.
  • 4.2. Communications using the internet (emails, webmails) may not have been encrypted and therefore may not be secure. Due to the nature of the internet, communications may pass through several countries before reaching the recipient. We do not accept responsibility for the loss of data or the unauthorised access of data that is beyond our reasonable control.


We strive to make sure that your experience with us is as convenient, useful and reliable as possible. In order to achieve this, we place small files containing information about the way you use our website on to your computer. These files are known as ‘cookies’.

Cookies cannot enable us to personally identify you and are solely used to improve our services to you. Cookies enable:

  • You to navigate efficiently between the Website’s different pages.
  • Services to recognise the compute you are using so that your data is available without you having to enter the same information twice.
  • Us to recognise that your username and password has been entered once before, so you are not required to give it again for the different web pages.
  • Us to measure how our customers interact with our services so that we may improve them.

You may choose to accept all cookies, accept some cookies, be notified of when a cookie issued or to disable cookies completely. Disabling cookies however, means that you will not have access to personalised services and you will not be in the position to take full advantage of the features of our Website. You may refer to your specific browsers ‘Help’ category for guidance on managing your cookies and deleting cookies from your computer.

You may discover multiple cookies in a single file – this depends on the type of computer you use.

All cookies on our website have been grouped in accordance with the categories found in the ICC UK Cookie guide:


The cookies in this category are necessary to enable you to browse the website and access its features (including secure areas). These cookies are integral to the running of the website and without them, we could not provide many of the functions required to offer services and products, for example shopping baskets and payments.


Performance cookies collate data regarding how customers interact with a website, for example the pages that are accessed the most, error messaging on web pages etc. These cookies do not collect personally identifiable information. The information collected by these cookies is anonymous and is analysed for the purpose of improving our customers’ experience.


Functionality cookies allow our website to keep a record of the details you input, for example your username or address. This allows us to present you with more personally tailored features. These cookies may also be used to record preferences you have made in relation the website, such as fonts, fonts size and other customisable sections of the website. The information collected by these cookies may be anonymised and cannot be used to see your browsing activity on other sites.


Targeting cookies or advertising cookies are used to provide adverts to you that are relevant to your interests. These cookies are also implemented to restrict the amount of times you are presented with an advertisement to assist us in measuring a campaign’s effectiveness. These cookies are often placed by advertising networks with the permission of the website operator. The websites that you have previously visited will be remembered by these cookies – this information is then shared with advertisers.

When using this website, you confirm that we may place these cookies on your computer, or other device.


  • 6.1 Third-party advertising links may be included on this Website. Personally identifiable information is not disclosed to advertisers.
  • 6.2 Third-party websites, advertisers or advertising companies carrying out functions on their behalf may utilise certain technology to deliver advertisements to your browser directly. These parties will receive your IP address and may use web beacons, JavaScript, cookies and such technologies to measure their campaigns and improve their advertising. We are not responsible and do not have control over or access to the cookies that third party websites use. The practices of third parties and advertisers shall not be covered by our Privacy Policy. We advise that you communicate with these parties directly for insight into their individual privacy policies. You may also access the Network Advertising Initiative for more information, including details of how to opt-out of communications, regarding advertising companies on the internet, known otherwise as ‘network advertisers’ or ‘ad networks’.
  • 6.3. We are not liable for any loss sustained by you when choosing to access third party websites.


  • 7.1 We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy whenever is necessary without notifying you. We are not to be held liable to you or third parties for updates to our Privacy Policy You are wholly responsible for familiarising yourself with this Privacy Policy regularly to keep up to date with any changes made.
  • 7.2. You may request a copy of our Privacy Policy in its current form and any updated Policy by contacting us by email on help@buzzloans.co.uk. The Privacy Policy does not relate to information stored about other parties or organisations. This Privacy Policy relates to the Personal Data we store about our customers.
  • 7.3. If you require access to the Personal Data that we store regarding you, please contact us at help@buzzloans.co.uk. You may incur a charge of £10 for the cost of administration.
  • 7.4. We strive to ensure the Personal Data we store regarding you is accurate and current. If, however, you believe this information to be inaccurate, please notify us on help@buzzloans.co.uk. and it will be deleted or corrected.